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At Redmark we work in all sectors, and over a period of many years we have accumulated specialist knowledge within a number of different sectors. Contact us to hear what we are able to offer in your particular line of business.

Every year Redmark helps Danish and International companies with the development of their business through business development and continuous sparring. Furthermore, Redmark helps companies to save time by optimising bookkeeping, dealing with bookkeeping tasks, drawing up models for reporting and by answering questions on an ongoing basis.

Redmark can also help you to meet your statutory requirements and your obligations under corporate law. For exampel, Redmark can help you an audit of the consolidated financial statements, a limited review, due diligence in connection with corporate transactions, special audits, or general services related to auditing.

In addition, at Redmark we help you to register tax, VAT, etc., and to ensure that all formalities are taken care of, thus enabling you to concentrate on development.

Redmark is one of Denmark’s biggest consultancy and accountancy firm, and has offices in Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen. We are a modern, efficient and dynamic enterprise in which more than 200 employees work every day to create value for our clients – Read more >>




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